Forging a contemporary Australian aesthetic

Australia is a paradox.

A vast, inland desert fringed by paradise. This land and its people are connected, imbued with its colour, its textures, its sounds.
We exist between two great forces; the elements that would have us vanish, and the abundance of life in our seas, our sky, our light, and our earth. We are that great southern land.

The Innate textile collection embraces that paradox, forging a contemporary Australian aesthetic.


The Innate Textile collection begins a new chapter for two ardent disciples of textile design, Fiona Spence and Wanda Jelmini.

Their collaboration gives rise to a new interpretation of Australia: informal, relaxed and sensual. Innate textiles seek to express the very essence of that great southern land. The inaugural soft furnishings and bath towel collection takes its inspiration from works by celebrated Australian painter Luke Sciberras.


We created a video to give you a glimpse onto Innate textiles

Our mission is a conversation with designers, exploring the essence of modern Australia. At Innate, we bring together beauty, functionality, and meaning in every creation, showcasing craftsmanship, design, and a deep connection to this land.

About Fiona Spence & Wanda Jemini

Fiona Spence, based in Sydney, started Spence & Lyda in 1996 and built her company into one of the leading design retailers in Australia before selling the business in 2022.

Wanda Jelmini, based in Milan, spent her career as the lead textile designer for the homewares branch of the illustrious Italian house, Missoni, before the company was sold in 2018. As a niece to matriarch Rosita Missoni, Wanda was at the core of the development and global success of Missoni Home.

The pair met when Spence & Lyda became the exclusive Australian distributor for Missoni Home in 2002. They established an immediate friendship and aesthetic understanding.

Decades later, each found themselves at pivot points in their lives and careers, with great achievements to date and yet a sense of more to be done. They realised that the potential of their creative collaboration was too tantalising an opportunity to let pass by.

The result is Innate Textiles– a collection of fabrics and accessories for the home that includes bath towels, soft furnishings, throws and fabric.